Pricing for your e-commerce strategy

Recognise market changes early and act flexibly. Our e-pricing makes it possible.

Convince yourself of the advantages of e-pricing and use the opportunities of digital pricing mechanisms. Nowadays, especially the quick reaction to market changes can be highlighted as a competitive advantage. Increasing price transparency makes differentiation via the price factor more difficult. All the more important is an agile management of prices in your company, with which you can place yourself in the best possible way on the digital platforms.

With the e-pricing of ADDED VALUE Unlimited GmbH, you can recognise price changes in real time, identify long-term price developments in the market and automate the pricing of your products with an intelligent pricing strategy. We integrate the module into your merchandise management system and the existing system landscape via an interface solution.

Large article quantities - a matter of course for us

Through our experience in the automotive parts industry, we are familiar with large volumes of data. Our existing customers currently work with up to 700,000 items that are regularly updated from various connected systems. Updates from your leading ERP system, availability and purchase price updates from suppliers and the recalculation of sales prices are routine for us.

Dynamic repricing for your sales channels

Do you want market-driven sales prices for your sales channels? We support you with your pricing strategy. With the repricing tool, you define your tailor-made strategy and benefit from automated price calculations. In all our pricing strategies, you retain control over your sales prices.

Repricing strategies

Optimisation of market position

Your offer is placed in the best possible position of all available competitive offers. In order to guarantee your margins, a defined minimum sales price will not be undercut.

Define price distances to competitors

Whether in percentage or absolute terms - you determine the distance between your sales price and the competition.

Static sales prices

Define articles for which no repricing is to be carried out. Special offer prices are thus excluded from repricing.

Updating the sales prices in the webshop / marketplace

We make the sales prices calculated by our tool available to you at any time via the following interfaces: