IT consulting

Together with you and your team, we analyse the ACTUAL situation and identify customised solutions to increase efficiency in your company.

Advice on the digitalisation of product data

In our own group of companies, we face the daily challenge of centralising product data and making it available to various company divisions. With the PIM we offer the possibility to merge product data from different internal and external sources. Together with you, we create a concept to centralise data from the merchandise management system, from suppliers and from additional external sources. Subsequently, your employees should have the possibility to further refine the product data.

Individually tailored e-commerce strategy

Your e-commerce strategy is not successful or you don't have one yet? Then you are welcome to contact us. With our expertise in setting up your own successful e-commerce sales channels, we can support you in setting up your sales channels. Together, we will examine the possibilities of setting up online shops for the B2C and B2B sectors or serving common marketplaces.

Integration of new IT systems

We support you in replacing and re-integrating IT systems such as a CRM system. With your support, we analyse your IT landscape and draw up an implementation plan tailored to your requirements. Together with your employees, we put the new system into operation after a pilot operation.