Professional online shop for your needs

E-Commerce in B2C and B2B

Together with you, we build an online shop tailored to your customer needs. From a central product base, you can operate any number of web shops for the B2C and B2B sectors.

Our shop system covers the processes from offer creation, inventory & price updating, order completion and order processing. As an interface between your existing IT landscape and your future online shop, we simplify your workflows. Contact us and make an appointment for a webshop demo.

Central product data master

The better the quality of the product data, the greater the probability of a sale. With our shop system, you manage the product data for your online shops in a central product data master from which your online shop obtains the data. You have the possibility to adjust product data automatically and manually at any time. In the online shop, you choose from various templates to display your products. Your advantages:

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

An important part of your webshop is the findability for potential customers. To ensure that your shop always meets the SEO-relevant requirements of search engines, we continuously optimise our shop system and adopt new standards. In order to achieve the best possible ranking with search engines such as Google, we offer you the following services:

Our shop templates are optimised in particular for the high demands of search engines.

B2B Online Shop: Optimised Customer Journey - Customer Satisfaction through Transparent and Easy Operation

Our claim is to offer a platform that satisfies its customers. To achieve this, we focus on the best possible transparency and ease of use for the customer. With our streamlined purchase process, the customer initiates the order in just a few steps and works independently in the portal. The following advantages are offered to your customer: