Multi-channel sales: Simple integration of marketplaces

You want to sell on different online marketplaces and want to minimise the effort for maintenance & processing? With our marketplace connections, we support you in creating & processing offers, retrieving orders & updating shipment data. Your employees work in one system and do not have to find their way around the systems of different marketplaces.

Quotation creation

With the quotation tool we simplify & accelerate the creation & processing of new quotations. Based on your maintained product data, you can create automated offers for different marketplaces or create manual offers based on suggested product data. As soon as you save your changes, your offers are automatically updated.

Inventory & Price Update

Frequent stock changes & changing sales prices? No problem.

Inventory integration

Stocks from you and from suppliers can be automatically added to the system. The availabilities on the respective marketplaces are updated in real time. As stocks are corrected on all marketplaces when orders are received, you reduce purchase cancellations and strengthen customer satisfaction.

Dynamic sales prices

Most marketplaces are characterised by highly fluctuating sales prices. Even the smallest differences in the sales price can move the customer to a different purchase decision. To ensure that your sales prices are always up-to-date, sales prices are updated in real time. To optimise the number of sales as well as to achieve the maximum possible sales price, sales prices can be dynamically adjusted to market prices. With our integrable E-Pricing you can react to market developments.

Order processing

Via an interface, the tool regularly retrieves all orders received and creates them. Orders from all connected marketplaces are collected in a central order overview and can be processed further. Your employees can revise the order data (e.g. address data) and release the order. With a simple interface, you can retrieve the orders and integrate them into your existing system landscape.