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Let our successful references from various industries convince you. We advise companies from production, wholesale and e-commerce and support them in their success with our products.

E-Commerce-B2C: Autohupe - Car Spare Parts & Accessories

The online shop of Autohupe is operated on the basis of PIMlight. In the PIMlight, information relevant to the shop, such as product data, availability, purchase prices, sales prices and much more, is brought together from various sources and presented to the customer. Simple options for editing the website ensure that it is regularly optimised for the search engine.

ADDED VALUE Unlimited GmbH

E-Commerce-B2B: Drivelog - Der Werkstattpartner

Auf Basis des PIMlight wird der Onlineshop von Drivelog betrieben. Im PIMlight werden für den Shop relevante Informationen wie zum Beispiel Produktdaten, Verfügbarkeiten, Einkaufspreise, Verkaufspreise und vieles mehr aus verschiedenen Quellen zusammengeführt und dem Kunden präsentiert.

ADDED VALUE Unlimited GmbH
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